What is Headless Mode in Drones and Quadcopters (Explained)

Hello friends, today I’m going to talk about the headless mode in our drones. We all are using our drones with this feature inbuilt. But have we ever have a thought about what is headless mode? Let’s look at the history of the quadcopters and drones. How they evolved with the very basic and essential features that we always take for granted.You can say it’s a CF mode which is known as care free mode. Means you can fly your drone without caring about its direction.

What is Headless Mode Actually?

What is Headless ModeFirst of all, I expect that in all the basic working principles behind the drones and quadcopters. In extreme basic level, you can assume your drone similar to RF controlled car toy. And they are actually somewhat similar. The difference is that your RC toy control car doesn’t have any headless mode but you drone have it.

The headless mode allows you to drive your quadcopter very easily and efficiently. This mode is a lifesaver for beginners and kids. People who are trying to fly a drone for very first time they should be using the headless mode feature.

What does the headless mode do?

To better understand this you should turn off the headless feature in your drone. There will be a dedicated button on the drone’s controller to toggle the headless mode. This is pretty common mode and it is found on many quadcopter today, even best drones under 100 dollars have it. Sometimes it may be referred as CF mode on the controller. For a moment turn off this feature.

Now when you turned off the headless mode in your drone, you have to follow the colour marking given on the quadcopter. You can easily distinguish between the front side and the rear side. In our case the two propellers are marked in red indicates the front side of drone. The remaining two propellers are black in colour that indicates that its a rear side.

Not try flying your quad copter this way. You’ll notice that the right side will always be the front side. If you want to move your drone forward direction then first you have to make sure that the right side is at proper angle. Then only you can push your controller stick forward.

It can be very difficult to see which is the forward and which is the backward side from a distance. And this may lead to collision and in some minor accident of the device.

Advantages of Headless Mode

There are several benefits and advantages of having a headless mode feature present in your device. You can do several flying tricks with ease without having a fear of losing control over your loved toy. Beginners and kids will find this extremely helpful and easy to operate. As the drone does not have any fixed direction, but still it flies flawlessly. When you push forward it always go forward no matter what direction the propellers are. It totally based on according to the position of your controller.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Best mode for first-time flyers
  • Kids will going to love it
  • You can perform flying tricks confidently
  • Enables one key return feature

So these are the very basic yet useful benefits of this mode. Now you may be aware about what is headless mode and advantages it offers.

One Key Return Feature

The headless mode feature enables another great feature which is known as one key return. Whenever you activate the headless mode the drone connects and referees to the controller. It knows where the RF controller actually is located. That’s where it can go forward and come reverse according to the controller.

So the manufacturers all that we should enable a dedicated button for return to home feature. Since the drone knows where it is and the location of the RF module (drone controller). Implementing this feature will not so much complicated.

And my friend this feature is another lifesaver especially for beginners and kids. And when they lose the sight of the drone, they can just push a button and call the device and the home location.

Isn’t it great?

So now this concludes our today’s discussion about what is headless mode in drones and quadcopters. I hope that you like my little effort. Just connect with me on social media for more latest updates.

Also leave your valuable feedback for any suggestion that you have regarding this in below comment section.

Thank you my friend, take care.

See the practical operation of endless mode in a video:

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