How to Take Care of Your Drone – Essential Things To Do

Do you know that your drone needs regular servicing? Guess what the drones also need to be taken care. Like the other gadgets all sports item or any equipment you have the drones are also required some maintenance. After all its a device that incorporates mechanical and electronics within. Here we will see the correct way to clean and maintain the drone properly.

Drone Care Tips and Process

So when you have purchased your first drone and flew it number of times. It’s time to do some maintenance for your drone. As we all know that its a bit costly peace of technology. The cleaning and regular servicing make its life more longer. Taking caring for drones should not be limited to higher end models only. All quadcopter needs service time to time. It dose not matters the cost, the drones under $100 are also flying machines. They also need to be taken care any how. Especially the motors tend to get weaker after some time. So you should not miss the work from your side. Even cheaper drones under $50 should also be serviced within 2-3 months.

Clean the Drone Regularly

cleaning the droneCleaning the drone is essential. Your Drone carries mechanical parts in that so if you are did not clean your drone then it’s not healthy for your product. I would recommend cleaning the Drone after a couple of flights. The process for cleaning a Drone is not very difficult. First of all look for the material which is in between the motor and the propellers. That can be some hair, strand of grass, etc. Take a brush and clean the material away. Else you can use pressure air to do the job. 2nd year will be the best option to clean such materials.

Take a soft cloth soak it in water and clean the drones along with the controller. If you want deep cleaning then you can also use isopropyl liquid. This liquid does not do any harm to the Electronics of your drone.

Lubricate the Motors

lubricate motors of droneIf you’re drone has the capability to open up and give you a space for lubrication then you should definitely do it. Proper lubrication of Motors will give you the performance of the Drone like it was new. I would recommend doing the lubrication process once in a month. You will find some good lubricants that are especially made for drones and RC toys.

And at last but not the least, if you can buy a caring box for your drone that would be the best option. You can store your Drone when not in use. And the box will protect the drone from the dust and dirt. This box will also be useful for carrying purpose of the drone.

The Battery Needs Maintenance Too

battery maintananceYou drone has Lithium polymer batteries that are stated to be maintenance free, but actually they required some sort of maintenance. If you take care of your drone’s battery then you will be getting much longer flight time always. These kinds of batteries are found in many gadgets today. Like the Laptop, Tablets, mobile phones, etc. There is roughly 300 battery cycles these batteries have.

In the beginning when your Drone is new, I would recommend to fully charge the battery hundred percent. Fly the Drone till the battery lasts. You should perform a full charge and full discharge minimum 5 times. This can boost the performance of the battery to its hundred percent capacities.

After this you can recharge your batteries even when it’s not fully discharged.

If you live in a colder country then battery has a lower temperature than its normal condition. And when you fly your drone you may not get that battery backup. Increase the battery backup time I will recommend you to take the battery outside from your drone and put it into your pocket. By keeping the battery in your pocket your warming up the batteries. And when the you want to fly the drone insert the battery at that time. By doing this you will get maximum battery performance. And you will also increase the life of these batteries.


To sum up, the importance of the drones and their part is you know already. It is our responsibility to take care of the drones that we are using. By doing regular service and maintenance we will improve the life-cycle of our quadcopters. No more compromising with low performance with older UAVs. After periodic maintenance we will never have compromise on the performance side. Utilize the tips and process given here to make you drones as efficient as they were new. So now you know how to take care of your drone. If there is any other more that way you can take care of your drone do let me know in the comment section. Thanks buddy, happy flying

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