5 Long Range Drone with Camera – Explore The Best Longest Distance FPV Quadcopter of 2017

Hi folks, So you want to get a drone which has long range (probably longest)? Well you just found the perfect spot. Here I am going to discuss the top performing long range drone with camera which you can buy in 2017. The quadcopters I have shortlisted are the finest and top one only. I have done all the research for finding the best one. Now you can choose from the greatest one that are mentioned here. First of all the drones with longest range may have camera. Just have a look at the specs while choosing one for you.

What is A Long Range Drone ?

Long Range DronesSo what is exactly long range drone with camera. We know that its a Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) which can fly to far distance as compared to regular UAVs.  But the question is how far a drone can go? First take an example of a quadcopter with some standard set of features. Normally a quadcopter can fly within a range of 30 meter to 150 meters. But not in the case for the long range fpv drone. These drones can easily cross the distance by many standard drones and will look like a small dot in the sky.

How Far Can You Fly A Drone? What is The Range?

A Regular drone like: best camera drone under 200 or the best drones under 100 price range, can fly at normally 50 to 100 Meter range. But the long distance range drones are not regular one, they can go as far as from 300 meters to whopping 2500 meters (2.5 KM). Oh my god that is insane! They may have higher price tag. Most of all these quadcopters can easily get lost from in front of your eyes. Here are the data which gives the distance range these drones can go.

  • Autel Robotics X-Star – (2000 Meters)
  • Husban H502S X4 – (150 Meters)
  • Xiro Xplorer – (1000 Meters)
  • Walkera QR X350 Pro – (2000 Meters)
  • Ehang Goshtdrone 2.0 – (1000 Meters)

Features of A Longest Range Drone with Camera (Far Distance Flying)

The features are also some sort of better in these drones. Since these RC Toys need to cover far distance, they are equipped with bigger and better battery. Off course that will be the mandatory feature as we all know. These drones have best in class GPS (Global Positioning System) built in. Because the battery is larger the flight time of longer (around 20-25 minutes).

5 Best Long Range Drone with Camera – Let’s Explore

Now enough talking about the features and all about these drones. Let’s dive into the best long range drones with camera which are the top performers according to me. These drones are well built and has all the latest features that you can expect. These are great for shooting awesome landscape video footage from quite long distance.

Best of The Best

Autel Robotics X-Star – The Longest Distance Drone For Sale

Autel Robotics X-Star – The Longest Distance Drone For SaleThe great from the greatest drones. This drone can fly to very far distance of 2000 meters means 1.2 miles! Equipped with dual GPS/GLONASS technology and a real time video streaming. The controller has a slot where you can put your iPhone to get live video view. The biggest feature of this drone is it has a 12.0 mega pixel camera which can record at 4K resolution. Just not that, it also comes with its gimble right in the box. Isn’t that good? With its massive 4900 mAh battery it can easily fly as long as 25-.30 minutes. Since the battery is big there is a fast charger included in with it. The charging takes just 1-1.5 hours of time to get it loaded. Its controller is well designed and have dedication buttons right there to perform some action.

It got all the features that you can expect from a best long range drone. Not to forget that this quadcopter comes with a 64 GB memory card and a hard caring case. Its a steal deal!

Quick Specs

Size19.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight3.2 Pounds
Operating Distance2000 Meters
Flight Duration25-30 Minutes
Battery14.8 volts 4900mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time180 Minutes
Camera12.0 Mega Pixel 4K Camera

Overall Ratings

5/5 Stars

Hubsan H502S FPV X4 – Long Range RC Drone

Hubsan H502S FPV X4 – Long Range RC DroneThis drone comes with a controller with built in LCD screen of 4.3 inch. This quality of display is decent at 640 x 480 pixel resolution. It comes with GPS with altitude hold mode. With the help of GPS and inbuilt display you can fly this quite easily. It comes with few good modes like: follow me, headless mode, back to home, etc. Yeah this drone has not the greatest distance coverage but it fairly goes far and flies with stability. This also has a 720p HD video camera to capture the good video footage. This toy has great build quality while maintaining its weight. Yes it is a lightest weight drone for this range. This construction is solid and can handle few crashes without any issue. But I would still recommend to fly it with all safety measures.

The controller works at 5.8 GHz frequency which is considerably better for maximum signal connectivity. At last I can say its an another decent quadcopter which can go a little far from your normal one.

Quick Specs

Size7.2 x 7.2 x 1.9 inches
Weight2.5 Pounds
Operating Distance150 Meters
Flight Duration11-12 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts 610mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time150 Minutes
Camera720p HD Camera

Overall Ratings

5/5 Stars

XIRO Xplorer – Another Far Distance Flying Drone

XIRO Xplorer – Another Far Distance Flying DroneThis drone is strong and well built construction. There are three version of this drones which range from 500 meter to 1000 meter flying distance. Its has kind of gimble mounted with its camera. Due to this it can take super smooth video and awesome crisp pictures. the camera has 14.0 mega pixel resolution and can record video at 1080 full-HD resolution. Comes with enormous battery with capacity os 5200 mAh which can give 25 minutes of flight time. The design of this quadcopter is X shape which looks cool. But is has got some weight also maybe due to its battery. This drone has some cool modes like: follow me, circle around me, back to home and so on. This can be useful for taking amazing selfie video footage. It is no doubt a best long range drone with camera.

It comes with a spare battery which is another advantage of this drone. There are other variations of choices available. Pic one that you find suitable for you.

Quick Specs

Size14.8 x 13.9 x 6.4 inches
Weight10.3 Pounds
Operating Distance500 – 1000 Meters
Flight Duration25 Minutes
Battery11 volts 5200mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time180 Minutes
Camera14.0 Mega Pixel Camera

Overall Ratings

5/5 Stars

Walkera QR X350Pro – One Of The Top Long Range Quadcopter

Walkera qr x350pro – The Top Long Range QuadcopterThis one can take you as far as 2 km long away. This distance is insane. The wight of this drone is approximately 3 pounds. One thing to mention here that it does not comes with any camera. Which is a good thing and a bad also. If you are planning to attach your camera (GoPro) to then you can do so. It is compatible with many cameras as well as you can attach a gimble also. The battery of this long range drone is well capable to give 25 minutes of juice. This quadcopter got the cutting edge GPS technology built in. This is essential feature that I feel it should have. The construction is decent and lasts for longer time span. The biggest feature is: It can stream live video from the farthest range when flying.

Quick Specs

Size9.1 x 8.1 x 9.1 inches
Weight3 Pounds
Operating Distance2000 Meters
Flight Duration25 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts 800mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time120 Minutes

Overall Ratings

5/5 Stars

Amazing Long Distance Flying Drone

Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 – Best Longest Range Drone with Camera

Longest Range Drone with Camera - Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0Wow! this drone had blown up my mind. It comes with amazing 4K camera on board with superb gimble. This leads to jaw dropping picture quality for the videos and stills. You will just need any android or iOS device to get started. The battery is impressive, it lasts for about 25 minutes of continues flight. It has some cool modes built right into it: to name few Avatar Mode, Companion Mode, Waypoint Mode and Flight Planning Mode. This is an astonishing product and can be called a true long range fpv drone with camera. This quadcopter is able to record videos at different resolutions (4K, 2.5K and 1080p) from ranging 24fps to 180 fps respectively. It automatically comes to home when it is low on power. This drone also comes with its blade protector for extra safety.

Quick Specs

Size7.9 x 13.8 x 3.5 inches
Weight2.9 Pounds
Operating Distance1000 Meters
Flight Duration25 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts 4500mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time150 Minutes
Camera12.0 Mega Pixel 4k Camera

Overall Ratings

5/5 Stars

Final Verdict

So my friend, That was the best long range drones with camera according to me. I hope you have already selected one for you. Although, presented the top ones here, now its totally yours decision to pick the right one for yourself. When I saw them first time, I was quiet amazed with the performance of these drones when I first saw them in action. To conclude my words, these quadcopters may have higher price when compared to regular drones. But they got the features that are way better than their price tags. The value you get from these toys is just incredible. I personally like long range fpv drone because of its ability.

That was my views on these far flying RC toys. If you have any suggestion or want to give your thought you’re welcome. Below you can comment your words. I will get back to you. Also don’t forget to share this article if you found some value. Thanks a lot for your time. Cheers.

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