How To Fly A Drone – Learn & Master Flying (Beginner’s Guide)

Hello friends in this page I am going to provide detailed information about how to fly a drone. It may look easy but mind you it’s not. While comparing it with a remote controlled car toy, it is very much different. Today you will be going to learn about properly flying a drone. So if you are a beginner I want to know how to properly fly a drone then here you go.

The Drone runs on various parameters. You compare with a remote controlled car toy. The car toy runs on the flat ground. It can only move forward or backward and can steer left or right But not in the case of flying toy (drone). Let’s consider you have a best drone under 100 and you want to get your hands on it. It can move forward or backward, it can also steer left or right and it can roll left or right, it can move in any direction in the 3D space. It can also stay in a location and spin on its axis. So there is lot of directions to control.

First we should understand the remote control

Understanding all the buttons and their functions is the most recommended thing doing first. A basic RC transmitter has 2 joysticks on the front and some buttons

How to fly a droneThe left joystick

The left joystick controls the throttle. You can settle up and total down by moving the left joystick up and down.

Throttle Control

When you move the left joystick upside The Blade starts to spin at higher rate. This makes the drone lift off The Ground. When you move the left joystick downside, the spinning speed of the blades lower down. This is used to lower the altitude of the drone

Yaw Control

When you move the left joystick left side the drone will start to turn its head in left direction. And when you move the left joystick right side the Drone will start to turn its head in the right direction.

The right joystick

The right joystick is used to control the flying direction. You can go forward or backward hand roll left or right with the help of this joystick

Tilting Control

With the help of right joystick you can make your drone turn left or right side. Slowly move the joystick on left side and the Drone will start tilting on the left direction. Similarly, when you move the joystick on the right side the Drone will start tilting on the right side.

Pitch Control

This is the control which moves the Drone forward or backward direction. By moving the right joystick upside the dawn will start going in forward direction. And similarly moving this joystick downside the Drone will start moving in backward direction.

Some Best Drones To Consider:

Secondly understand the drone itself

You don’t may contain GPS and other very good features. But here I am going to cover only the basic ones. The Drone will have a battery compartment there you need to put the battery. Just insert the battery can switch on the drone buy on off switch given on the device.

There should be some LED lights that lights up. But turning on the device, it will start searching for the controller. Then you can switch on your controller and the Drone and the controller will get connected automatically. And you will see the flashing lights on or stopped.

Recommendations for the beginners

  • I would recommend here to do this practice in an wide area.
  • An open playground would be the best place.
  • I also recommend you to doing practice on the less windy conditions.
  • Maintain a distance with the people and kids.

practice flying

It’s time to fly a quadcopter first time

Put your hands on the both joysticks; slowly move the left joystick upside to lift off the drone. Now slowly move the left joystick downside and make it land on the ground. Well done you have done your first lesson. Now do this again and again. Once got the control on the flying and landing then you can move forward to next lesson.

Now try to fly the drone forward and backward. Lift off The drone from the ground and slowly push right joystick forward and backward. The Drone will move in forward and backward direction. Now you can also tilt your Drone left or right side by moving the right joystick left or right.

Once you are well versed with the flying, and you got confident then you can move forward with some cool tricks. You can flip stunt your drone and Amaze your friends.

Hopefully you got some control on the drone. It will surely need some time and practice. The patience is the key my friend. Keep doing the practice.

It’s time to do some practice.

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