How to Build A Drone – A DIY Project Overview For Beginners

The popularity of drones is touching the sky as we all know. Buying a Drone from a reputable site I’m building your own very first drone is all trending right now. Do you want to build a drone for not just saving some dollars but for passion? It can be any school, university project or maybe you want to do it for your fun. Since my childhood I was amazed when it comes to some construction work. So let’s build drone today.

If you are looking for some affordable drones for spare parts purpose, you can get a cheap drone. Yes there are so many drones available in the market to buy. I have also covered some best drones under 100 with camera on this website. You can find out many drones related information on this website. But today I am going to show you how you can build your own very first drone.

First Thing First:

Understanding The Construction

How to Build A Drone
How to Build A Drone

Before you begin, you must understand the working concept of a drone. By knowing the technology that is working behind that it will be easier for us to take a step further. The quadcopter has for rotor blades as we all know. These four blades help the quadcopter to lift up off the Ground. Not only just for lifting off the Ground, these blades are also responsible for flying direction control.

All of these 4 rotor blades must be in a very precise constructed at equal space from each of them. The distance of each blade from the center of gravity should be same.

And then there is a computer chip that will work as a brain of the drone.

For more technical information about the working principles of drone. See this article.

Parts Required To Build A Drone

These are the essential part that you will require when building your own drone. A d i y build a Drone kit is also available to buy. You can purchase this kit and start building your own drone. However you can load your Drone with many gadgets and Technology stuff, but here I am showing you only the basic stuff that is essential.

The PVC Body

A body made up of plastic that is lightweight and study is most recommended. This is the housing for all the components that you are going to construct in a drone. The lighter the body the easier and longer time you will get from your quadcopter. Being lightweight it should be sturdy enough to handle few crashes easily. Here I will recommend to take a plastic body that is somewhat little flexible.

Propulsion System

For the preparation system you will need 4 electric motors. These are the 4 fundamental parts of a drone. These motors come in various types and models. I will recommend going for a brushless motor for superior performance and reliability. You have to choose accordingly.

Electric Circuit and Sensors

No it’s time to choose the electric components for your first drone. There are so many models available with lots of features that you can consider. Many of them come with an inbuilt accelerometer, barometer, and gyroscope and GPS system. Pick one that find suitable for you.

Video Camera

If you want to engage your Drone with video camera then you should consider getting decent camera that can do your work. You can also go for first person view camera and see the live footage on your phone. And then there is a gimble which is optional. You can see best gimble for drone if you want to get super smooth videos.

Start Building the Drone (Step by Step)

  1. First thing first, carefully read the instructions manual so that you know all the things that are essential. Not take out all the parts from the DIY kit and start constructing them one by one.
    Now take the plastic PVC housing & start putting the parts carefully.
  2. The very first part will be the circuit board. Fix this circuit board in the very middle center. Balancing properly is very critical.
  3. Next take the Motors and fix them in their respective location. You can use hot glue any other adhesive depending on the kit that you have bought. It is not required to fix the Motors with the hot glue. Some DIY kits come with clicking locks. You need to check the instruction manual.
  4. After doing this you need to install and run the wires. Don’t forget to make a good electrical connection. You can use soldering iron for the best results.
  5. Next it’s a time for installing the video camera. If you have a video camera that you want to install in your drone then you should do it now. Fix the camera Mount on the drone’s Central bottom. Then make a good electrical connection to the wires.
  6. Now close the Drone shell with its provided top PVC cover. Just fasten and the screws and your Drone is almost ready.
  7. Now install the propeller blades with the Motors of the quadcopter. Slip the battery inside the drone and turn on the device.

For More Info: See This

Now rest you know to connect it with your controller and how to fly a drone. Consider testing it first before going outside and flying confidently.


Nothing comes to that feeling of flying a self created quadcopter. To me it is the best work that I can do. The whole building process is itself makes me feel good. After considering some key points and following the instructions, the construction process becomes easier. You too can do it and with ease. Take my words for it: when you will fly the drones that you constructed, you feel proud! Further after everything done, you can tweak and add more features like payload carrying, etc.

That’s all my friends’ thanks and keeps it up.

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