5 Awesome Tips for Drone Photography That Will Blow Your Mind

So after purchasing your drone the best thing you can experience is that their photography. Now you can take awesome aerial stills and videos. The photos taken by a drone camera looks jaw-dropping. But it’s not for everyone. it is very easy to get some low quality videos that just looks OK. But you can shoot awesome looking videos that carries professional look from your drone. And I am here to help you for getting the best possible results from your drone camera. So today we will discuss some tips for drone photography which will lead to amazing video footage and stills.

Important Tips for Drone Photography

Just having a professional camera drone is not enough. The beauty lives in the eyes. Means we can get good shots from basic drone cameras also. We just need to know how to handle them properly. Mind these important tips while photography process and you will get good outcome.

tips for drone photography

So here you go:

#1 Control the lighting

Always keep an eye on the exposure levels. When shooting with the drone camera, you need to be aware of the lighting conditions. Look for the direction where the light is coming. if the subject of photography is in forward position with the light coming from then the subject will turn out quite dark. The subject should face the light. This you light up your subject and you will get a bright subject in your picture that look awesome. Although, it can be ignored in a cloudy day. Still I would recommend you to take photography of the place or your subject when it gets proper light.

#2 Frame properly

The second thing you need to keep in your mind is framing. You need to frame your subject properly in your still or video. Framing a good subject is key to get some quality shots. For this you can pre-planned your drone flight. If you drone support you can hold it at a certain altitude. Here I am not forcing you to make your subject in center of the frame. Just see what is looking great in the FPV display. Sometimes some angled frames also look great. I would recommend you to take multiple pictures of you are subject from different frame angles. Later on you and pick the best shot from the memory card.

#3 Flight slowly

If you want to take a cool looking video footage from your drone, then you should fly your RC toy slowly and steadily. For this kind of footage some pre-planning is good to have. Just make in your mind which will be the path that your drone is going to follow. Then fly the drone from that starting point that you have chosen. After all you have the best drone with camera under 200 or so. Decide the path of flight, then you can start recording while flying the drone in a specific direction slowly. You can also do zoom in shots as well as zoom out shots. this kind of shorts looks awesome every time.

#4 Avoid propellers

tips for great stills from drone cameraAnother thing you need to keep in your mind, the propellers of your drone should not come into the frame. I have seen many videos and stills but that can be look stunning if the propeller is not there in the picture. for doing this you may need some kind of practice. Just find the sweet spot where you can shoot landscape videos. When you found the right angle you are good to go.

#5 Shoot in perfect conditions

So when you are planning to take a good stills or videos from your drone. Just make sure the weather is not against you. You should not do photography in windy or rainy conditions. This can spoil your pictures and videos. I will also recommend here you to not to shoot closer to the ground or sea level. I have seen many drone owners accidentally broken their drone’s boys while flying at low altitude. So always avoid flying a drone closer to ground or sea level.

So here you go my friend, now you are ready to take some awesome stills and video footage from your drone camera. Get ready and do some practice first. And then get some awesome shots to show off.

Tips for Drone Photography – Conclusion

At the end, I can say that you can easily beat any higher model with your photography skills. These tips for drone photography will make you enough capable that you will get better result always. These tips and techniques shares the common concept that also applies to any other photo/video shoot. Professional camera drones that delivers super clear and smooth experience can now be utilized to max. One more thing, experiment new angle and lightning conditions to develop a new unique style of drone photography of yours.

Thanks a ton. Cheers.

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  1. Jenna Hunter says

    My husband recently won a drone out of a drawing that he entered two months ago. He is wanting to take pictures of the mountains with it. It was greatly appreciated to know that decide the path of flight, then you can start recording while flying the drone in a specific direction slowly. He is no expert, so I would imagine getting lessons on how to do it would help him get the pictures he wants!

  2. James Llewelyn says

    These are all great tips for those who are wanting to learn how to use their drone for photography. It definitely takes some practice to get the art of taking good pictures and videos down. Once one masters this skill, the results are unbelievable!

  3. Dave Anderson says

    I recently bought a drone and I was wondering what I could do to make sure that the pictures and videos I take are of the highest quality. That way I will be able to use my drone not only for fun, but I might be able to turn it into a business. Also, I agree that you should make sure that the conditions are as good as they could be before flying.

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