7 Best Drone Under 50 Dollars – Stunning Quadcopter Below $50 (with Camera) of 2017

Are looking for best drone under 50 dollars mark? If yes then you just landed on the right website. Here on this page you will find one for yourself. These are super value for money. At fifty dollars what you can get in drone. There are many companies that have drones under this price segment with awesome features. These are the perfect gift for anyone. Specially boys will love it. Most of these are best quadcopter under 50 you can say. Some of the drones comes with inbuilt camera! The camera can also record video footage in HD. That’s Amazing, Isn’t It?

The Best Drone Under $50 with Camera – Table of Contents

Here you will find all the top and best drones under $50 of 2017. These Unmanned Arial Vehicles are the best performers while consedering their price. The size of these products can be like mini ones but the features are not. All of the best quadcopter below $50 with camera are listed below. The list is not in any sequence, they are simply the top RC-toys that I mentioned here.

Best Drone Under 50
Best Drone Under 50 Dollars


Don’t underestimate the range of 50 dollar drone in this price budget. It may look somewhere of lower side due to the cheap price. But my friend I must tell you that some are the ultimate one and you can say the best quadcopter under 50. That can record HD video footage as well gives good flight time. Overall nice flying experience.

My Reviewed – Drone Under 50 Dollars of 2017

I have collected the best of the best drones of the 2017 models. The top and best drone under 50 dollars with/without camera are listed here. Carefully listed the latest and greatest drones here. You can find the well tested and well reviewed quadcopters under the $50 segment here. This price is super cheap for the features we are getting from these devices. They may look like a toy but my friend don’t underestimate them. (Also See: best camera drone under 200 with camera)

They have more features than your expectation. So without wasting any more time, here is the list for top drones to buy under 50 dollar mark.

SYMA X5C Explorers – 50 Dollar Drone with HD CameraHighly Recommended

Like its big brother as mentioned in the list for drones under 100, this is top of the notch model. A complete value for pack drone for anyone, Drone Under 50 is Syma X5Cbe it a novice or an expert. Give this to a kid (read teenager) and you have given the best gift of their teenage life. It’s enough to say that even under 50 dollars you are getting camera, that too a HD camera. Now don’t start comparing the quality with your phones, as that is not a valid test. When we did the testing, this drone turned out to be pretty stable; obviously 6-axis Gyro plays a big role in that. If we talk about the looks, then even in that segment, it’s a close top.

One can perform flips and 360 degree eversion with a flip of a button. Photos can be clicked and videos can be recorder with press/flip of a button as well. Transmitter is a standard 2.4 GHz remote, powered by AA batteries. A point to remember is that unlike its big and heavy siblings, this is not to be used in heavy winds. This is definitely one of the top rated best drones under 50 dollars.

Quick Specs

Size16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches
Weight2.1 pounds
Operating Distance50 meters
Flight Duration7-8 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts, 500mAh, Li-PO
Re-Charge Time100 minutes
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel HD

Overall Ratings

4.7/5 Stars


Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Quadcopter (Below $50)

Holy Stone always provides a powerful drone in variety of price ranges and to find one in the list for best drones under $50 is no surprise. So, before I start with the performance and statistics of best quadcopter under 50, Holy Stone HS170 Predator - Best Quadcopter Under 50let me make something very clear. This drone does not have a camera. That being said, this product is one of a kind performer. A unique feature under this list will be the Headless feature that means with just one click, it comes to you, if you are holding the transmitter that is. So when calling back, make sure you don’t have trees in front as the quad comes back in a straight line. This drone is extremely light, with powerful motors, so make sure you do not fly it very far from you and definitely not in high winds.

In normal conditions, flight is very stable, thanks to its 6 Axis Gyro stabilization. The LEDs work brilliantly and makes night flying a pleasure. You have the option of 3 different speeds, though we suggest starting with the lowest and gradually increasing. Another useful tip for users will be to wait for 10 minutes for the aircraft to cool down. It comes with 2.4 GHz transmitter for which batteries are not included. All in all, this is a very highly rated product under this category.

Quick Specs

Size5.3 x 1.6 x 5.3 inches
Weight0.9 Pounds
Operating Distance50 Meter
Flight Duration6-8 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts 350mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time80 minutes

Overall Ratings

4.1/5 Stars


Syma X5SW – Best Drone Under 50 with HD Wifi Camera

Syma just keeps on making products like a cookie company. So, no doubt we have another player from the same company. You can call this clash of the siblings (I know it sounds very filmy) but it is the truth.Drone Below 50 Dollars - Cheerwing Syma X5SW FPV An upgrade to X5C model, this one comes with FPV, which can be connected to IOS or Android. FPV does not work for beyond 30 meters and we saw a lot of dropped connection and complete signal lost as well. So, within 30 meters, this works like a dream, well at least a realistic one so to say. One of the biggest drones under 50 dollars and hence one of the most stable one in the list as well. Some of the common features are a 2.4 GHz transmitter, Headless mode for safe return and 360 degree flips.

Images and videos are clear and up to the mark for a camera in this range. If you want to increase the stability and enhance your flight experience then remove the prop guards and landing gear, however, make sure you don’t fly it into the trees. This one is just a little above 50, may be some cents or a dollar at max and still does not hit your wallet out of the park.

Quick Specs

Size17.3 x 9.6 x 4.4 inches
Weight1.6 pounds
Operating Distance50 Meters
Flight Duration6-7 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts 500 mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time90 – 120 minutes
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel

Overall Ratings

4.9/5 Stars


RC Stunt Drone – Best Quadcopter Under 50

As the name suggests, this RC toy is made for stunts. Let’s say this is the X-Games player in the list. This drone is very light but is durable as well.RC Stunt Drone Under Fifty Dollars Since this is one of the streamline design drone, so it is very stable, this is enhanced further by the 6-Axis gyro technology. It packs all the other stunt features like 360 degree flips and rolls. Lights are bright and make it look even better. It comes with two batteries so the total flight time comes up to 12 minutes and recharge time is comparatively the least for the drone under 50 dollars.

Performance wise speaking, drone is very smooth and price effective, though a little on the higher side in terms of price. This can also be called best micro quadcopter for the sake of its size. It is an extremely useful, rather playful product for beginners above 10 years of age. Landing this 50 dollar drone requires a little time to learn safely as it does not have any landing gears. 2.4 GHz transmitter for uninterrupted flying that makes sure you stay in complete control of your quadcopter. So, it is a decent, value for money purchase and very efficient in performing continuous flips.

Quick Specs

Size7.5 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches
Weight1.0 Pounds
Operating Distance50 Meters
Flight Duration6 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts 300mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time60 minutes

Overall Ratings

4.3/5 Stars


UDI U818A RC – Quadcopter Under Fifty Dollars with Camera

Linear Drone or we can say quadcopters that look like UFOs are always very appealing and eye catching and this drone is a prime example of that. The only thing that makes this one standout is that this aircraft has all the features that one may find in drones which cost more than 100 dollars.UDI U818A Best Drone of 2016 For starters, this one has the Headless function, so no more scratching head in trying to figure out the front and read face of drone. In addition to this, we found it very handy with flips and rolls as well like the 360 degree eversion mode. It even as a “One key return” function. One may possibly miss the camera in first go because it blends very well with the shape of the drone.

Images can be clicked and videos can be recorded with a click of a button and a dedicated button is available on its 2.4 GHz transmitter. You cannot view the live feed, so everything has to be downloaded and then viewed. But given the price for a best drone under 50, it’s not something to crib about. 6-Axis gyro gives a stable flight and the quadcopter is very durable and we emphasise on ”very” very much because sometimes by mistake and sometime deliberately we crashed this drone and it will still say intact. All that being said, still do not try to intentionally crash it. So a nice drone with plenty of features and still light on your pocket like its weight.

Quick Specs

Size13 x 2.2 x 13.3 inches
Weight0.3 Pounds
Operating Distance30-50 Meters
Flight Duration6-9 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts 500mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time120 Minutes
Camera0.3 Megapixel

Overall Ratings

4.8/5 Stars


AKASO X5C RC – Best Drone Under $50 with HD Camera

A surprise entry and probably the least heard of all the best drones under 50 dollars, but in no ways and under-performer. You may confuse it with some Syma model as it looks a close relative if not a sibling.AKASO X5C Quadcopter in $50 Flying is very stable and sturdy due to 6-Axis gyro and very easy to control. All the tricks one may ask for is delivered with a steady hand – 360 degree flips, barrel role and basically flying in any direction. LEDs work very well, especially with the color code that this drone comes in. It also makes it fairly easier to fly in night. Remove the camera and prop guards and you can increase the flying time by probably 2 minutes. It does not have a headless mode but its fine given the price at which this is available.

It’s very light so we don’t suggest flying in heavy winds. The company advertises the camera as HD, but it’s not, not even close. Images and videos are just OK and much to speak about. But drone is all about flying and this is what AKASO does with ease. So, this drone can be summarised as a nice and price effective aircraft with good performance.

Quick Specs

Size11.8 x 11.8 x 5.5 Inches
Weight0.2 Pounds
Operating Distance50-100 Meters
Flight Duration6-8 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts 500mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time60 Minutes
Camera0.3 Megapixels

Overall Ratings

4.5/5 Stars


Coocheer JJRC H6C RC – Below $50 Drone (with Camera)

Now here, as the last warrior on list is the Mini and best quadcopter under 50 dollars. It’s the smallest compare to other drones under 50 dollars, but in no way is a mini performer.Coocheer JJRC H6C - Quadcopter Under 50 In fact, since it is very small, it actually surprises in the way it performs. First of all, very study for its measurements. It basically fits your palm but has the toughness of a big drone, in fact better than some bigger ones. Designated toggle for forward, backward, right and left roll, so it makes control very easier. The toggle for taking pictures also controls the “ONE Key Return” feature. Flight is very smooth and hassle free.

Glides, rolls and does 360 degree flips like a pro. 6-Axis gyro for such a mini drone is excellent and even when really high, you still have control. On top of everything, it comes with its own mini display. If you don’t attach the prop guard, rather body guard in this case, the 2.4 GHz transmitter is actually bigger than the drone itself. This aircraft comes with a 2GB memory card to store images. Camera is good for this price range. It can only click images but cannot record videos. So, basically, this drone is a powerhouse, performs like a champion and still gets “aww” whenever you look at it.

Quick Specs

Size2.9 x 2.9 x 1.2 Inches
Weight0.5 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration6-8 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts 350mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time60 Minutes
Camera2.0 Megapixels

Overall Ratings

4.5/5 Stars



So now you have seen the ultimate products from this category. Now it’s upto you which one you choose. These all are the best drones under 50 for their performance. The price is very affordable yet these quadcopters delivers the full value for money. Some UAV toys are kind of mini size while some have a regular form factor. Choose accordingly. If you ask me which is my favourite? Then I would surely pick Syma X5c without any doubt. The second option I would select Holy Stone HS170. These are just mine opinion, and I hope you will also like these. Happy Flying.

Hope you have now found one best drone under 50 for yourself.

Thanks. Enjoy Flying.

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