9 Best Drones Under 200 Dollars with Camera (2017) – Top FPV Quadcopter Below $200

Toys for boys with that won’t make a hole in your pocket and still makes you feel like a scientist (or at least a nerd). Explore the AWESOME and best drones under 200 (2017) or you can say the best quadcopter under 200 dollars with camera. I would always recommend to buy after doing proper research. How it would feel to see a better RC toy just after buying one for the same price. Its common and happens to many. I have figured out such awesome top drones with their best prices. The required research is already done for you. So now you can pick from these drones blindly if you are looking for best FPV quadcopters below $200. I have also compiled a list for most affordable drones with amazing features. You can get best drone under 100 dollars budget that will also offers great overall performance.

Now let’s see the top drones in 200 bucks:

Best Drones Under $200 Table of Contents

Here are the table of contents and you can directly jump to the desired quadcopter with camera less than 200 price budget. These are the early 2017’s top and best drones under $200 listed below. All of these UAVs are for affordable budget and comes below two-hundred dollars price mark.

Best Drones Under $200
Best Drones Under $200 with Camera
  1. Syma X8G
  2. UDI U818A
  3. DB Power X101C
  4. Holy Stone X400C
  5. Hero RC XQ-5 V626
  6. JXD 509G 5.8G
  7. Coocheer JJRC H26D
  8. Holy Stone HS300
  9. UDI U842

First Thing First,

But before we start with the countdown, we will start with introduction of what a drone is. How you can use it (make it pure fun) and what are the parameters to rank a drone. So, even if you are a geek or an average Joe with a little extra moolah to spend, this is the place or page to be.

Now, just to make it clear we are only talking about the best Quadcopter below 200 dollars, i.e. drones with four sets of rotor blades. So we are targeting a particular section of quadcopters or budget drones with four sets of rotor blades. The drones listed here are having comparatively lower cost. There are other higher and lower end versions is also listed on this website as well.

So Which is Best Camera Drone Under 200?

You May Already Know That: Drone is a casual or an informal word for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Yes, it’s very technical if you sit down and try to take it apart. So, in order to bring it down to an average level, let’s say it is a Flying Robot. A robot that flies around in circles, if required, can click pics for you, make videos of people just staring in awe or just fly around, just because it can do so. So lets begin our hunt for the best camera drone under 200 dollars.

Now these are just the civilian uses, I mean what normal folks use it for. In armed forces it is use for much more than that and costs in millions. You may remember the scene from Man of Steel, in the end when Superman drops the drone flat in front of the colonel and the colonel tells him that it costs 12 Million dollars.

Comparison Table of Best Drones Under $200

In hurry? Here are the quick comparison table for best drones under $200 with camera. If you are in hurry, take a look at these top quadcopters under 200 dollars for better overview. These all unmanned areal vehicle are the best of the best in the market right now. Just the awesome and top performers are listed here. All these comes below two hundred bucks and they are latest 2017 edition too.

Quick Comparison:

NameCameraFlight TimeRange
Syma X8G8.0 MP (1080p)7-8 Min.100 M
UDI U818A2.0 MP (720p)8-9 Min.100 M
DB Power X101C1.0 MP (720p)8-10 Min.100 M
Holy Stone X400CWiFi Live FPV Camera9-10 Min.100 M
Hero RC XQ-5 V626N/A8-10 Min120 M
JXD 509G2.0 MP (720p)6-8 Min120 M
JJRC H26D2.0 MP (720p)

120° Wide-Angle

8-9 Min300 M
Holy Stone HS3005.0 MP (1080p)

120° Wide-Angle

10-12 Min150 M
UDI U8422.0 MP (720p) WiFi &

VR-Headset Support

8-10 Min50 M

Now Let’s Explore These:

9 Best Drones Under 200 Dollars of 2017

First of all, we can talk about the budget drones that fall in this category. While we want to have many features but main thing remains is the cost effectiveness of the product. You can buy something worth 1000 dollars but it won’t matter if you don’t have the right product with the right gear. Therefore here is the list of essential (make it very important) features to get you most fun out of your buy. For further enhancement of your knowledge, a link has been provided above (c’mon, it’s a drone list not a drone dictionary). Now you can have a top UAV or a best drone under 200 $ and sometimes even less.

Shall We Begin?

Reviews of The Top Drones Under $200:

Awesome Camera Drone Under 200

Best Camera Drone Under 200 – Syma X8G – with 8MP 1080p (Full HD Camera)

Best Drone Under 200 $ - Syma X8GProbably the Best in class if spoken feature wise. 8.0 MP action camera (1080p) with company guarantee. It has 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight system for easy handling and stabilization. It also gives you strong wind resistance. One key 360 degree rolls for aerial tricks. You can also use the headless mode and stop worrying about the direction of the propeller. Its 2.4G anti-interference technology will make sure that you have full control of your drone and do not interfere with any nearby hovering one. This monster, according to me is one of the top contenders (feature wise) if not had been let down by the huge recharge time in comparison with average flight time. A good product for beginners to hone those pilot skills and perfect for Christmas gifts as well.


It does not come with a FPV screen, but you can connect with Android or Apple via Wi-Fi. Remote operates on 4 AA batteries (not included in the box). This the ultimate and best camera drone under 200 dollars.Best Choice

  • Comes with Syma 8MP Action Camera (1080p Video)
  • Also Fully Compatible with Go-Pro Action Camera
  • check its current price from below link.

Quick Specs

Size19.5 x 19.5 x 4.7 inches
Weight3.4 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration7-8 Minutes
Battery7.4Volts, 2000mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time200 Minutes
Camera8.0 Mega Pixel, Full-HD (1080p) Action Camera

Overall Ratings

4.5/5 Stars

UDI U818A Review – Quadcopter with HD Camera

Best Quadcopter Under 200$ - UDI U818AThis should be called a Night Flyer, with its LED running lights realistic look of remote control signal light. One of the biggest & top drones under two-hundred bucks. Pilot can connect cell phones with FPV Wi-Fi feature. You can click photos and record videos with the touch of a button on its remote. It gives you great flying experience with enhanced flying time thanks to the extra battery. You will find it loaded with special features like Gravity Induction mode that enables pilot to fly it without even touching the mobile screen.

Return home features brings drone back to pilot with the push of a button. It also has the intelligent headless mode. The packaging includes a 4 GB memory card as well; however, you can use your own card as well. You can also buy external batteries to increase the flight time. That’s why this can be called as Best Quadcopter with Camera Under 200 dollars range. As said earlier, this boy comes with plethora of features which makes it stunt out from all the best drones under 200. It comes with most return on its price. Not to mention the pure awe of flying it in the night with all its LEDs buzzing. It’s a great product both visually and performance wise. Remote works with standard AA batteries which are not included in packaging.

Quick Specs

Size16.1 x 14.1 x 4.3 inches
Weight0.3 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8.5 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts 350mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time90 Minutes
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel HD Camera

Our Ratings

4.9/5 Stars


DBPOWER X101C FPV RC HD 720P Wi-Fi Cam (One From Best Drones Under two hundred)

Best Drones Under 200 with Camera - X101CIt is one of the smartest product in the list of best quadcopter under 200. One of the special features is that it is 3D VR HEADSET on MJX FPV APP though the VR headset is not included. This way you can experience virtual reality by the drone’s point of view. In order to use the headset, you can download the app from Google Store. Even if you buy the VR headset, it still stays the best drone under 200 with camera. It is one of the top drones below two hundred bucks for kids. Videos are captured in 720p and it is one of the best video qualities and can be adjusted manually to different angles. You can adjust the settings of Altitude Limiter to cap the flight height of the drone.

Pilot can use the headless mode for easy navigation as direction of the transmitter becomes the direction of the quadcopter. One key return for worry-less flying and you can recall your drone easily. The aircraft flies smoothly and provides stability. Wind resistance is within acceptable parameters. Transmitter uses 3 standard AA batteries, which can be bought separately. HD 720pSpare batteries can be bought. The drone looks stunning, almost like an aircraft with power eyes. Phones can be directly hooked on to the transmitter for wireless streaming of videos.


Quick Specs

Size13.2 x 13.2 x 7.3 inches
Weight3.9 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts 1200mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time150 Minutes
Camera1.0 Mega Pixel (720p HD Videos)

Our Ratings

4.7/5 Stars

Holy Stone X400C FPV – Best Quadcopter with Camera (Drone with Live Video Feed)

Best Quadcopter with Camera Under 200 - Holy Stone X400C FPV
Best Quadcopter with Camera Under 200

If you are wondering what Goggles are for, well, they are so that you can look up without flinching and can enjoy the beauty of the flight of this aircraft? As far as the list for best drones under 200$ goes, X400C does not have anything unique to offer. But that does not mean it’s a low performer. This drone packs everything required to give user a wonderful experience. 6 Axis Gyro gives you super stable flight and better control when performing 360 degree rolls. 2.4 GHz 4 channels for interrupted transmission. Light weight compared to its size. One key return & headless function are almost like standard for this category.

It also supports FPV real time transmission so you can hookup your phones (IOS or Android, not available for Windows). This is another best camera drone under 200 with live feed (wifi video streaming) feature. . One of the important things is that this one has the tendency to heat up, so in order to get longer life, it’s better to wait for 10 minutes for the drone to cool down. Pictures and vides are average,WiFi Camera little less that the other products in the list. Packaging does not include the AA 1.5 V batteries required for the transmitter, but hey, you are getting Goggles. Get batteries on your own.

Quick Specs

Size16 x 8 x 3.2 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8.5-10 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts 750mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time90 Minutes
CameraWiFi Live FPV (IOS)

Our Ratings

4.3/5 Stars

Hero RC XQ-5 V626 UFO (Top Drone Below 200$ Mark)

Hero RC XQ-5 V626 - Best Quadcopter Under Two HundredNow this could be the reason people may they seen lights in the night, UFOs in the sky, because it looks like one and hence the name, V626 UFO. From the first look you fall for its beauty. The line of LEDs on the perimeter of the protection casing works for both, enhancing the look and helping the pilot in marking the front of the Aircraft. By far the most unique and best quadcopter under 200, look wise that is. Now let’s get to the performance. Big size helps in flying around with stability and average resistance in soft winds. The Line of LEDs helps in flying in the night a pleasure. Transmitter works on a standard 2.4 GHz channel blocking out all the interference.

Not much different feature wise with 360 degree rolls and flips. The one thing unique is that it can be fitted with water cannon, hook & basket, bubble blower and missile launcher accessories. Camera is not much. It is a normal FPV camera that works on Wi-Fi, so if you have high use of pictures and images, this is not your drone. So, basically a decent product performance wise, overall its a best drone below two-hundred bucks and just breaks the ground with beautiful design.

Quick Specs

Size21.6 x 21.6 x 2 inches
Weight4.3 Pounds
Operating Distance100-150 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts 850mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time90 Minutes

Our Ratings

4.4/5 Stars

JXD 509G 5.8G RC – Best Drone with HD Video Footage

Best Quadcopter Drones Below 200$ - JXD 509G 5.8G RCAnother budget best drone under two hundred dollars with camera to feed the inner child that just craves toys. This one looks exactly like the alien from the movie Alien. 509G contains all the goodies like Headless feature, flips, rolls and one key return. Comparatively, flying time is less than other products within the same price range, sometimes as low as 5 minutes. That can be fixed by getting external batteries by shelling out a little extra money. This model comes with 4.3 inch screen that can be fixed on the transmitter. We found the FPV working decently without much lag or glitch. Dedicated buttons to click pictures and shoot videos. Camera is adjustable, as in can be swivelled on the connected pin. Photos are clear and video clarity is better than average.

This Drone feels very strong and sturdy; still we would advice not to try too many tricks on the first go. Packaging includes a card reader and 4GB memory card. Some people may face an issue with card not being recognised. So you can put the card in the card reader and connect reader to your respective devices. HD 720pAccording to me this is one of the top product from best drones under 200 list. Flight is smooth, gives you confidence as beginners and pretty stable in winds as well.

Quick Specs

Size12.5 x 12.4 x 3.3 Inches
Weight2.0 Pounds
Operating Distance120 Meters
Flight Duration6-8 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts 650mAh Li-Ion
Re-Charge Time80 Minutes
Camera2.0 Megapixels

Our Ratings

4.8/5 Stars

Coocheer JJRC H26D RC – Best Quadcopter Under 200 Dollars (with 120° Wide-Angle HD Camera)

The Best Drone Below 200 - Coocheer JJRC H26DProbably the least know of them all. But that does not mean it’s an under performer. It may come off as a surprise entry. But it’s a value for money in every aspect when you try a best drone under 200 dollars. Once again, like all the other models, this drone too has all the features. One key return so that it always comes back to you. Headless feature so that you don’t scratch your head every time you fly your aircraft. Uninterrupted transmission thanks to its 24 GHz, 4 channels transmitter. It can perform 360 degree rolling action, backward, forward and side flying, i.e. all the features of a remote controlled quadcopter.

Flight is stable and smooth, thanks to 6-Axis Gyro. Camera is pretty decent and provides one click photo and video option. Camera can be swivelled with a key, so that is one of the coolest features. Sadly it does not have Wi-Fi with FPV, though you can get one in JJRC H26W. Transmitter works on 1.5 Volts AA batteries. Wide Angle Camera Drone Under 200Again, you must have guessed, are not included in the packaging. Looks good and performs even better and perfect for a novice to practice on and get ready for a bigger one.

Quick Specs

Size1 15.8 x 13 x 5.9 inches
Weight3.0 Pounds
Operating Distance300 Meters
Flight Duration8 Minutes
Battery7.4Volts 1200mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time125 Minutes
Camera3.0 Megapixels (120° Wide-Angle)

Our Ratings

4.9/5 Stars

Editor's Choice - Best of The Best

Holy Stone HS300 (Awesome Camera) – #1 Best Drone Under 200

Holy Stone HS300 - Best Drones Under 200A latest product from Holy Stone with awesome features. This drone is equipped with amazing 5.0MP action camera, which can record 1080p video footage with 120° wide angle! The video is crisp and steady. I personally loved its camera performance (And You Will Too). I have a single word for its camera capabilities: AWESOME! This quadcopter also supports GoPro camera which is another plus. In terms of specifications, it comes with all the bells and wistles which all drones should have. This toy can be considered as the top one from many best drones under 200. The battery life is better than many other quadcopters. It can deliver ~ 10 to 12 minutes of flight time easily when fully charged. The flight stability impressed me, it has wide propellers which is the reason for its stability (even in windy conditions).

Full HD CameraThe another great feature is: Altitude Hold. this feature comes handy when taking jaw dropping steady video or stills. You can lock its position in the air with just a push of a button. And it will hold itself there. One key landing is also present on this device. It helps a lot in safer landing, thus making less crash landings.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Drone, 1 Controller, Camera (1080p, 120°), 4Gb Micro-SD Card,
  • Camera Shockproof Deice, 2 Batteries (Total), 2 USB Cables,
  • 1  Screwdriver, 1 Manual
  • 4 Extra Propeller Blades, 1 Extra Battery Pack, 8 Extra Landing Screws

Quick Specs

Size19 x 19 x 7.5 inches
Weight1.4 Pounds
Operating Distance150 Meters
Flight Duration10-12 Minutes
Battery7.4Volts, 2000mAh, Li-Po (14.8Wh Battery)
Re-Charge Time200 Minutes
Camera5.0 Mega Pixel, 1080p + 120° Wide-Angle

Our Ratings

4.9/5 Stars

UDI U842 WiFi FPV – Best Camera Drone Under 200 Dollars

Best Camera Drone Under 200 - UDI U842Wow! This drone grabs all my attention. What a immersive experience. A best drone with live video feed, WiFi First Person View (FPV) camera which supports VR Headset! The live flight footage is mind blowing. Its like I am flying freely. The camera is 2 MP and records in 720p HD quality. It directly connected with IOS/Android devices and shows live FPV video. This seems the best camera drone below two-hundred dollars. This device has two modes for speed of flying (normal and Fast). Another killer feature is that you just draw a path on its app, and it will follow that. Its awesome for shooting pre decided footage. Rest features are common for all drones in this category like: 6 axis gyro, 2.4 GHz Frequency, Headless Mode, 360° Flip Stunts, etc. It is a quite stable quadcopter and gives butter smooth video performance.

The batter of this UAV is 100mAh, which can deliver 8-10 minutes of flight time. It also has the low battery warning system. Flying this drone is not difficult, even a kid can fly it easily. In addition, the headless mode is another positive feature for this RC toy. No need to position it to fly. It is well built and solid construction. Can handle medium crashes easily without getting broken. Most of all it has lots of fun flying especially with VR headset.Best Drone with Live Video Feed

Package Contents:

  • 1 Drone, 1 Controller, 4Gb Memory Card,
  • 2 Li-Po Batteries (Total), USB Charger,
  • 4 Propeller Blades, User Manual

Quick Specs

Size21.2 x 14.4 x 4.3 inches
Weight2.5 Pounds
Operating Distance50 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery3.7Volts, 1000mAh, Li-Po (14.8Wh Battery)
Re-Charge Time120 Minutes
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel, 720p Video (WiFi + FPV)

Our Ratings

4.8/5 Stars

Things To Consider Before Buying any Drone

Before choosing a drone for yourself, I highly recommend to have a fair analysis of the below given points. These features you should keep in mind before you go and order best drones under 200 for you. I hope that you may be aware of these already and if you are not then have a look. Although the needs can vary from person to person, still these factors are important to consider always.

  • Flight Time of The Drone
  • Battery Performance (Charging Time)
  • Camera Specs
  • Trusted Brand and Warranty Period
  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Flight Distance
  • Durability and Build Quality

According to me these are the most important factors that you shouldn’t miss. The camera specs can be ignored if your focus is not making good video footage. The durability and ability to handle some crashes are the must have factors. And spare parts availability is also quite critical. Who wants to throw-away a drone which has just broken propeller. Well, you got the idea about the points I am trying to explain.

Rest will depends on your requirements. List down all the must have features that you are looking for. Here I am especially taking about the best drones under $200 budget with camera. Then choosing the perfect quadcopter will like a breeze.

Useful Video For The First Flyers

The video given below is super useful for the first time flyers. I strongly recommend to watch this video if you are completely beginner. In this video you will get to know all the basic controls of your quadcopter. The advice given in this video is extremely helpful and you should not miss it.

Conclusion – Finding Best Quadcopter Under 200

The search for the top quadcopter with amazing camera can be crucial and endless. The UAV listed here are the top performing ones from the 2017 year. You can choose the right one for yourself here. The hunt for best quadcopter under 200 can end here. Most noteworthy, if you are more focused for video recording with Full HD footage, then I would recommend the first one (Syma X8G). This quadcopter is compatible with the Go Pro action camera. Moreover, if you don’t have the Go Pro camera then no worries. It comes with Syma’s action camera with superior quality. Therefore you can upgrade it further to its limit. We can say it is the best camera drone under 200 for sure.

Now you have seen the most dominating top RC Drones here. Now its time to decide. Which one you like most? Go and buy that. I hope that my little efforts will help you to finding the best RC toy for you. Another thing to consider is that these product can be a awesome gift. YES! if you are looking a astonishing gift for someone, this can be the best option. Probably for boys, they like to play with it all the time. While it is not limited to boys only. Rather from girls to women and from boys to men everyone likes these toys.

So now my friend its time to take some action. And start enjoying the new experience. As a result, the products listed here are durable but still I recommend to take care of them for its longer life span.

Thanks so much. Hope you found the Best Drones Under 200 of 2017 Year.

If you found this page useful please do share on social media. It will help me.

Good Luck


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      You can choose Holystone HS300 or Syma X8G kind of quadcopter. They will be best for you according to me it would fullfil your need. Thanks so much

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