Best Drone Under 100 with Camera (2017) – Top 10 FPV Quadcopter Below $100

Here is the list of my hand-picked best drone under 100 with camera (HD FPV). These drones have good set of features under one hundred price segment in 2017. The below $100 drones listed here are deal breaker and no need to break bank account for buying any. There are some common features for all the quadcopters listed below. All have 2.4 GHz wireless communication. There is inbuilt 6 axis gyro for greater flying stability. Smart direction mode is available in all models of best quadcopter under 100 dollars budget. This smart direction mode enables headless operation. All of the RC Toys listed here had LED lights for better viewing when flying in dark.

Best Camera Drone Under 100 DollarsBest Drones with Camera Under $100

List of best quadcopters below $100 price budget. All these drones are best ones with camera. These are super affordable and yet feature rich. You can record HD videos and clear stills from these drones. Use this table to quickly jump directly to that drone model.

Drone ModelSpeciality
Syma X8CDrone with HD Camera
UDI U818A HDBest Quadcopter
Blade Nano QXTop UAV
DBPOWER Hawkeye-IUnder 100 Drone
JJRC H8DAnother Great One
Holy Stone U818AEconomical Camera Drone
Syma X5CMini Version
DBPOWER UDI U845Awesome Quadcopter
Holy Stone F181Best Drone Under 100 with Camera
Holy Stone HS 130Marvellous Product

Considering the price, the products offers good specification according to me. The most important thing I would like to recommend you is always choose the branded product. There are some product available that looks promising and offers high specification. They are kind of unbranded, you need to stay away from them. Always go for the reputed brand product. There are many trusted brands like Syma, Holy Stone, DB Power, Blade, JJRC, etc. You can pick any product from these and the rest quality will be assured.Best Drone Under 100

Most of these toys has cool features like 3d stunt. There are dedicated pre-programmed 360 degree stunts keys in the controller. Just press the key to perform some stunts. So you can flaunt your drone. Most of the drones under hundred bucks come with inbuilt HD camera functionality. By having best camera drone under 100, you can record amazing over the top videos. Perfect companion for taking awesome stills. And amazingly cool videos too. the footage quality ranges from 480p (SD) to 1080p (Full HD).

How To Choose Best Drones Under 100 (with Camera)

Some time ago I was also looking to get a best drone under $100 price range. At that time I got confused because there are so many models and lots features to analyze. Then after making some wrong decisions I got an experience for finding the best product. So I thought to share my experience with you guys. If I have gone through this phase and gathered the knowledge and experience then I should share this. That’s why this review page comes to an existence.

I have carefully created this great list of camera drones that fits under one hundred dollars price segment. All the quads here are top and best quadcopter under 100 with amazing set of features. Some copters have features that you cannot not expect in this price budget, they carries almost all features of best drone with camera under 100 (See below for more info regarding this). You will find all the top quadcopter of 2017 year that are below one hundred dollars. Most noteworthy, these products are affordable yet feature rich. Some devices has got features which surprised me when I came across them.

How to Fly $100 Quadcopter for The First Time

If it’s your first quadcopter then I would recommend to go through this video. Here you should know about all the basics that are essential before the take off. How to prepare for flight, getting things ready and first checkup. Beginners should do some basic practice like simple take-off and landings to get some control on the best camera drone under 100. After all you don’t want to crash your RC-toy so early. Have a look:

Quick Comparison (Top Drones Under $100 of 2017)

NameCameraFlight TimeRange
Syma X8C2.0 MP (1080p)7-8 Min.50 M
UDI U818A HD2.0 MP (720p)8-10 Min.100 M
Blade Nano QXN/A7-8 Min.70 M
Hawkeye-I2.0 MP8-10 Min.30 M
JJRC H8D2.0 MP (720p)8-10 Min.300 M
Holy Stone U818A2.0 MP (720p)8-9 Min.100 M
Syma X5C2.0 MP (720p)8-9 Min.100 M
UDI U8452.0 MP (720p)8-9 Min.100 M
Holy Stone F1811.0 MP (720p)8-9 Min.100 M
Holy Stone HS 130720p, WiFi & VR8-10 Min.50 M

10 Best Drone Under 100 with Camera – (Top Reviews)

Here are top and ultimate drones that you should consider. When we are talking about the UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) within the $100 limit, means we want to have a product with decent feature set. But the surprising thing is when I was looking for quads for this range, I found some products got the features that I was not expecting. Even you can’t expect some specs within this price bracket. Like some drone has Full HD 1080p camera, some has Wifi capability, while other has VR headset support.

Weather most of the common features that you should get includes and HD video camera, good battery capacity, 7-10 minutes of flight time, etc. Most of the drones are mid sized and mid weight. There may be FAA registration required before you fly the drone. You need to take care all these factors when choosing the best product. Although I have invested my time, so that you can save your time and select one of the best product for you!

So without wasting any more time, let’s get the list started.

Ultimate Product of 2017 - Most Recommended

Best Quadcopter Under 100 – Syma X8C Venture FPV (with HD Camera)

Medium sized drone under $100 with camera is packed with 2 mega pixel sensor for capturing superb stills and video. Product is not heavy at all, weight only 3.2 pounds.

Best Quadcopter Under 100 - Syma X8C Venture FPV
2017’s – Best Quadcopter Under 100

It features rotor-blade protection also for maximum safety. Package includes 4 Landing stands that give excellent landing support to the drone. Syma is one of the trusted brand and well known for affordable yet quality products (like this best quadcopter under 100). This has many positive feedback and reviews. The battery takes approximately 3 hrs to fully charge the device. Batter has the decent capacity to weight ratio also. And it can give 7.5 minutes of continues flight time. This flight time can be stretched up to 15 minutes by removing the blade protectors. It also features low and high modes. Low mode for indoor flying. High mode for flying outdoors with moderate wind. Definitely this is the top from best drone under 100 dollars segment. One last thing this drone can hold GoPro camera. It’s nice!

Our Ratings

4/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size12.6 x 5.9 x 12.6 inches
Weight3.2 Pounds (600g with blade protector, battery & camera)
Operating Distance50 Meter
Flight Duration7-8 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts, 2000 mAh, Li-on
Re-Charge Time3 Hours
Camera2 Mega Pixel

Nice Camera, Amazing Battery Life, Ease Flying, Reputed Manufacturer for Drones

Best Camera Drone Under 100 – UDI-U818A-HD (of 2017)

Best Camera Drone Under 100-UDI-U818A-HDThis is a new upgraded version from UDI. It Features 360 degree rotations for awesome looking rolling stunts.
Operational frequency is 2.4 GHz that gives maximum connectivity. Fairly easy to operate this quad, even kids can do it. The flight run-time you will get of 10 minutes which is decent for this product. Having a 2.0 megapixel camera installed.  It delivers good picture quality and well reproduced colours. It comes with extra Li-Po battery, that’s great. The flight time is doubled because of this. Although the battery charging takes full one hour to juice it up. It’s normal for all the quadcopters in the market. Some takes many hours to charge, at least this best camera drone under 100 is better than those.

Our Ratings

4.5/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size12.9 x 12.9 x3.5 inch
Weight3.1 Pound
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 500mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time2 Hours
Camera2 Mega Pixel

Ultimate & Best Quadcopter Under 100 Dollars. Flip Stunts are Awesome, Great Stability Even in Winds


Blade Nano QX RTF – The Best Drone Under 100

Best Drone Under 100 - Blade Nano QX RTFAnother awesome drone from a well known brand: Blade. It is light and well built product. It has rugged body for dealing with crashes ease. Due to its small size it is perfect for flying indoors. Comes with brushed motors, which is better than typical motors. Very smooth flying experience. I must say that this toy is also quite powerful. It has inbuilt smart system SAFE™ for amazing stability. Even a kid can fly this quad. The SAFE™ mode can be enabled for beginners to get maximum stability. It is useful for the learning curve of drone flying. Experienced can disable it and fly the quad at full manual handling. The weight of this best drone under $100 is very light. Battery lasts for 7-8 minutes & gets charged under an hour. This UAV is good for those who are looking for indoor flying experience.

Our Ratings

4.1/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size14.1 x 8.4 x 4.5 inch
Weight1.2 Pound
Operating Distance70 Meters
Flight Duration7-8 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 150mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time1 Hour

Amazing Stability, Compact Form Factor, Comes with Extra Blades, Overall Great Product


DBPOWER hawkeye-I – Best Drone with Camera Under 100

DBPOWER hawkeye-I - Best Quadcopter Under $100Wow this drone is super awesome! Comes with four modes: Racing, Ground, Stunt, Anti-Crash, it’s a transformer. This quad can run like a car on the ground and can take off anytime. It can run straight up along the walls or along the ceiling or else (pretty much any angle). DBPOWER is well trusted and well known brand. Designed to get best flying experience in indoors as well as outdoors. Features 2.0 mega pixel camera on board. 2GB Memory card is included. According to me it is the suitable product of best drone with camera under 100 segment. Charging time is 60 minutes.

The flight time is maximum of 10 minutes, which is fairly good. Dedicated 360 stunt flip button on controller. Has a three flying speed settings: Low, Medium and High. Also has LED lights for night flying fun. It’s a coolest drone with four transforming modes. Buy this and you will love it.

Our Ratings

4.3/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size3.5 x 3.5 x 1.4 inch
Weight1 Pound
Operating Distance30 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 450mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time1 Hour
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel (720p)

Four Modes are Awesome, Quality of Camera is Excellent, Best for Indoors + Outdoors Both, Light Weight & Sturdy


The Best Quadcopter Under $100 – JJRC H8D 5.8G FPV

Best Quadcopter Under 100 - JJRC H8D 5.8G FPV
Best Quadcopter Under 100 – JJRC H8D 5.8G FPV

What the hell? Is it comes in the best drone under 100 with camera category? Well the answer is YES. This quadcopter got all the features of higher price segment. Before I go and explain its premium features, I must say “Really, It is a steal”. It comes with FPV function. It can stream live video direct to FPV screen with its 5.8 GHz Frequency. This quad can fly as far as 300 Meters. It is amazing, isn’t it? Dedicated one key return to home function. It has the LED light for better night flying. Has the excellent HD camera of 2.0 mega pixel. A 2 GB memory card is included. Box also includes two extra propeller blades and a FPV monitor. This FPV screen delivers sharp and smooth videos even when flying far away. Thanks to its 5.8 GHz frequency. This quadcopter offers a great value for money.

My friend take my words: IT IS A STEAL DEAL. Grab it before stock sold out.

Our Ratings

4.9/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size18.5 x 11.5 x 4.2 inch
Weight2.8 Pound
Operating Distance300 Meters
Flight Duration8-10 Minutes
Battery7.4 volts, 500mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time2 Hours
Camera2.0 Mega Pixel (720p)

Long Distance Flying Ability, Great FPV Video Streaming, Competitive Pricing, You will Love this Drone


Holy Stone U818A with HD FPV Camera Quadcopter Below 100

Holy Stone U818A with HD CameraThis is a new quadcopter from Holy Stone. It features dedicated key for return to home function. I know return to home is how much useful feature. When you lost the sight of your quadcopter than it’s is a life saver. This also works on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency as similar to other drones. Comes with a carry box, I think the box is not bad at all. This is just a basic carry box, although I am not expecting it with the unit. Mind you this product does not have FPV feature. Means it will record video directly on memory card. It has 6-axis gyroscope for superior stable flight experience.

There may be a special offer going on for this quadcopter. Holy Stone some time gives one extra fast charger, one extra battery and four AA rechargeable cells for controller (for details do visit their site). It also had expandable memory and 4 GB Micro-SD card is included in box. All in all it’s a best camera drone under 100 to buy. You will have lots of fun flying it.

Our Ratings

4.5/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size14.9 x 3.9 x 14.4 inch
Weight3.7 ounce
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8-9 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 500mAh Li-Po
Re-Charge Time1.5 Hours
Camera2 Mega Pixel

One Key Return Mode, Fun Flying, Extra Battery+Charger, Good HD Camera, with Carry Box


Best Drone Under 100 with Camera – SYMA X5C Explorers

Best Drone Under 100 with Camera - SYMA X5C Explorers
The Best Drone Under 100 with Camera of 2017

Syma has been delivering great quadcopter from a long time. And this is another new upgraded release from syma, that fits our best drones under 100 budget segment. Works on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency for optimum signal strength. This quadcopter comes with HD camera inbuilt. The Camera can take still pictures remotely and able to record videos at 720p. Also bundles a 2 GB memory card. You can expand its storage capacity up to 32 GB. It has 6 axis gyro built in that give stable balance ability. This device is ideal for flying in any area.

It works flawlessly outdoors as well as indoors. It can do 360 degree stunts also. There is a dedicated button given on its controller. It has a perfect size of around 15 inches. It features easily replaceable battery for getting more flight time. This drone is sturdy and well built, can easily handle few crashes without breaking in parts. Last word: it’s a steal for this price.

Our Ratings

4/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches
Weight2.1 Pounds
Operating Distance50 Meters
Flight Duration8-9 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 500mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time1 Hour
Camera2 Mega Pixel

Great Value for Money, Decent Camera, Most Durable in this price segment, Lots of Fun Flying


DBPOWER UDI U845 UFO – Drone with fpv Camera

DBPOWER UDI U845 UFO - Best Drone with Camera Under 100
Best Drone with Camera Under 100

Here comes the alien ship. This is a UFO Drone with alien ship looks. Get the attention and stand out from the crowd. It looks superb and stylish. It features headless mode for operating in any direction any time. Has a one key return feature also, so leave the worry of losing it. This quad can utilize the gyro sensor of Smartphone for flying. This way Smartphone becomes controller for driving it. This quadcopter has WiFi video streaming function. The video is fast as real-time video streaming (no lags). Use any IOS / Android device and see live video from its HD camera. Also have LED lights for navigating in night.

An extra battery included in the box. Now double the flight time. This quad is anti-crash due its UFO design which protects its blades. The box includes 4 spare propeller blades also. The battery lasts up to 10 minutes.

Our Ratings

5/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size8.3 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches
Weight1.4 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8-9 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 700mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time50 Minutes
Camera2 Mega Pixel

Amazing UFO Looks, Great Wi-Fi Streaming, Most Durable Drone Under $100

Editor's Choice - Best of The Best

Holy Stone F181 – Best Drone with Camera Under 100

Holy Stone F181 - Best Quadcopter Under 100Another quadcopter with all premium features under 100 dollar price segment (with HD camera). This is not a mini drone, it is what I can say just perfect in size. This quad features four 360 flips stunts modes. Able to flip left, right, forward, backward in mid air. So you can roll this quad from any direction to get some attention. It can also rotate continuously on its own axis. It has the headless mode for great flying experience. I can surely suggest this product with confidence because it is the best drone under 100 with camera list. Its controller features a mini LCD display for all critical information (Signal Strength, Battery, etc).

The flight time is also quite good of 9 minutes. It comes with all basic required accessories. It does not require FAA registration. Get ready to fly right after un-boxing. It is well priced product, get yours now.

Our Ratings

4.7/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size12.2 x 3.5 x 12.2 inches
Weight1.7 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration8-9 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 750mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time1.2 Hours
CameraMega Pixel

Amazing, Stunning, Awesome Product from Holy Stone

Holy Stone HS130 – Top Affordable Drone in 2017

Holy Stone 130 - Top Affordable Drone in 2017Another great quadcopter from Holy Stone. This toy got all the awesome features that amazed me. It has Wifi video camera that can steam smooth HD videos directly to my iPhone. The app is quite has all the controls right there, therefore you can leave the controller completely. The camera has adjustable angle system. You can adjust the inbuilt camera angle right from your controller up to 75-degrees. This feature is kind of unique that I have seen in this affordable budget range. Not only that, this quadcopter is compatible with your VR headset device which is great. Needless to mention, it got all the bells and whistles that it should have (3D stunt, one key return, 6-axis gyro, etc.). There is LCD display present on the controller for some critical information (status, mode, battery, etc).

Most of all, it has multiple speed controls which is amazing. You can control the flying speed, this feature is rare in this price range.

This drone take about 1.5 hours to get its battery fully charged. Then it will serve the flight time of approximately 9-10 minutes. The weight of the device is just 4.86 ounces, therefore you can skip the FAA registration requirement. Amazing product from Holy Stone!

Our Ratings

5/5 Stars

Quick Specs

Size18.1 x 11.5 x 4.1 inches
Weight2.2 Pounds
Operating Distance100 Meters
Flight Duration9-10 Minutes
Battery3.7 volts, 750mAh, Li-Po
Re-Charge Time80 Minutes
Camera720p HD Wifi

Variable Flying Speeds, Live Wi-Fi Video, Camera Angle Adjustment Control – Great Product!

Things To Consider

When you want to buy a new drones for yourself that budget friendly and affordable, you should also remember some key points before buying. You are choosing a best drones for below 100 dollar price segment, that doesn’t means they are cheap and average drones. One hundred dollars is a good price for these toys. They can offer surprisingly amazing features set at this budget. Always consider these:

  • Choose with Camera Model
  • Flight Time and Distance
  • Well Known Manufacturer Brand
  • Good Numbers of Positive Reviews
  • Durability and Repair-ability
  • Real World Performance (see Reviews)
  • FAA Registration Criteria

Although the need for every person can be very different, but still these things are quite essential as per my opinion. You will get maximum value for your spent money on these toys. Moreover, the minor defects and dents can be repaired easily. If the drone supports additional accessories that will be another great option. Rest is on you


So now we have got an idea of the top and best drone under 100 with camera for our specific budget. All of these devices are better than other in some way. You need to figure out your preference of feature that you are looking. The best one will be depended on your preference. For instance if you prefer stunt flips then you would choose the drone according to that. If someone like to have more durability then there is specific quadcopter for that purpose.

At the end I can say it’s totally yours decision to choose which one you like most. I have suggested the ultimate quadcopter below hundred dollar price budget of 2017 here. These all products are thorough reviewed by me. I have given all the top highlights of the device with quick specs so that you can pick the best one with ease.

I hope you will find one best quadcopter under 100 with camera for you. Some products may not available of changed, kindly check their listings. Thanks, Have a great day.


  1. Kendrick Hylton says

    Check out the top drones under $100 Also, be sure to note that the DJI
    Mavic Pro and the GoPro Karma will not be available until
    next year (2017).

  2. Pisorie says

    Dear I have gone through all the budget drones you listed. I must say it was kinda helpful. I have a doubt: the editors choice Holy Stone F181 drone will be best for me?

    • Admin says

      Thanks Pisorie for giving your valuable feedback. The Holy Stone F181 is definitely a good drone. but still I would recommend you to list down all your expectations and need from the drone. Then decide accordingly. have a great day!

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