Best Drone Apps For Android Mobiles and iPhone (Top Must Have Apps)

Hello there and a very warm welcome, today I am going to show you the top and best drone apps for iPhone and Android. Finding and choosing the correct app for your drone is quite essential. There are lot of apps in the market available. Some apps perform well and some are just a waste of time. So why you waste your time in searching for a good app while I have discovered the best ones and listed them here.

It dosen’t matters that which type of drone you have. You can have any drone that you want. As long as the drone has a wifi feature (which is common) you are good to go. You can see some best drones under 100 that are also compatible with these apps. These are quite affordable quadcopters as well. Further the droneĀ apps will improve the overall flying experience for sure.

4 Best Apps For Drones (Must Have Apps)

You can find almost unlimited apps from the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. But here I am going to show only top 4 application. These apps are simply the ones that you should not miss at any cost. I can say that these are must have drone apps.

So without a further due, let’s see the best drone apps:

best Apps for Drones


This app is especially designed for the DJI drones. I must say this is an awesome app. If you are an owner of DJI drone, you must install this app. You can see live streaming right from your camera. To my surprise the camera lag is negligible. You can record video right there from the app you can take the stills. The drone will transfer the pictures taken by this app onto your device. When you can optimise the stills and edit the video right in the app. Again it’s a must have.

Ghost Drone

Another amazing app for your drone. This app is specially designed for mapping the flight path for the drone. You can pre program the flight path right from take off to landing. Using this app is also very easy. By assigning your drone a flight path you can have you are complete attention on the photography. This app also has follow me mode. Another great feature that impressed me. This is another most recommended app for all the drone owners.

Drone Deploy

This is another awesome app that let you pre program the drone flight path. This app is available on iOS as well as android and also for desktop computer. Lots of drone models are supported in this app. After recording footage of the drone flight you can share it on the social media right from the app. It can automatically do several things like take off landing and flying. It is one of the highest accurate app i have seen. This app also shows live statistics like distance, altitude, area, etc.

Drone Simulator

This is an app what is not meant to connect with any drone. It is actually a game. You can practice drone flying in this app. All the traditional controls of the transmitter are present on the screen. You will not feel it’s just a game. Feel it’s just a game. There are many camera angles available in this app. This app is recommended for the beginners and the kids I just want to learn flying a drone.


There are lot many more apps for quadcopter. I have listed only these top ones because I think they are the best drone apps for your quadcopters. For me this was the application that I found most useful. All of these apps are available for Android and iPhone users. Download them and start using right now.

Further, if you another app which is also great then do let me know in the comment section below. Cheers.

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