About Me

Hi, I am Nirmala Popli

About MeHello and welcome friends, hope you are doing well. I am a tech enthusiast. Since my childhood I am involved in all the technical toys and gadgets I am a big time drone lover. I love to give my opinions for helping other peoples in the world. This website is an example for making an effort to provide a good support to all the people who are looking for some help regarding the drones and quadcopters. On this website I am showing my love what the drones.

So if you want to know how to fly a drone, I am here to help. My goal is to provide the quality info about the drones and the devices related. Technology is my passion and I am following it. If you have any query then you can also contact me I will answer your query and provide my best efforts.

What You Will Get Here:

So I have shared all the guides and all my experiences. From just basic flying a drone guide to all the buying advice almost everything. I have crashed so many drones and toys in the beginning. Also hurt my pet dog with the blade of my drone in beginning. I just want that will not happen with you. When I was buying a drone I was unaware about the technologies and the things that it have. I was looking to get best drones under 200 at that time. So did some research on Internet to find the best quadcopter. But I had shortlisted the product which just OK. I can certainly get better product if I have done more research. But I did’t. Another important thing I want to tell you is: that I recommend you to look these article if you are planning to buying drone. And on this website you will find then all. Like:

  • Registering Drone
  • Buying Advice For Drones
  • Tips For Drone Owners
  • How To Guides
  • And More

Reason Behind This Website:

I have developed this website to provide my honest Support for all the people who are looking for drones guides. I am determined to provide a better experience for you. And here I will share my honest opinions about these Tech toys.
Since when I was kid I day dream a lot about flying every another day. Today we have some gadgets that can deliver the experience. When I was kid my father gave me a flying helicopter. That was the best moment in my life. I played with that for very long time. And as it happens to everyone it got crashed. I feel very bad about that. I realise one thing after that, the future will be great when I will young. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) has a great future that will effect on every one’s life. Today I have many drones are you can say quadcopters data from every range. Flying a drone safely is a very crucial task. I would recommend everyone to get some training to fly a drone. It’s because it is very easy to loose control within a matter of moments.

After spending a lot of time and researching about the drones I came to know that there are some very good drones are there in the market. Now I think I am quite knowledgeable about the drones and related stuff. So I thought of sharing my knowledge about the quadcopters with the world.
By developing this site I am trying to give my best support. I am providing quality information about drones and by helping people to find a better product for themselves.

Sharing My Knowledge About Drones, I feel satisfied.