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Welcome to quadcopterr.com drones review website. This website is dedicated for drones and quadcopters. Here you will find many how to articles, best drone guides, reviews and more. I have carefully hand picked and listed best drones to consider. You can find many drones that you would not want to miss. I shortlisted best quadcopter according to their price range. You can find drones under a specific price segment or for specific requirement. How to care and maintain your drone is another essential thing.

Top Drones in 2016

Essential Feature for a Drone or Quadcopter

The bare minimum features which every drone should have today. Below I have mentioned some basic but essential features of the drone. The drones reviews which is published on this website are having some common set of features. They have all the essential features which a drone should have. Below I have mentioned the basic feature set that you should consider.

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Battery Life

By far the most important factor of all. It should have enough juice to satisfy that craving. The capacities of the drone’s battery has improved a lot. Still we need to keep an eye on the battery performance while picking a drone. Some drones come with internal batteries as well which increase the fly time. Plus it should recharge quickly enough as well. No one likes to wait for 2 hours to fly something for 4 minutes.


It depends on the location or choice of area. Size does matters, especially for the drones. They comes in many sizes to choose from. When flying outdoors or a fairly open area, even big size will do. But when flying indoors, big can be a hassle and a smaller drone will be better option.


Design means weight, compactness with functionality. Cool looking design is the most preferred option for all the youth. Heavier drone takes more to lift-off but gives better control in strong winds. Again, sets of rotors are one of the criterions; however, we are only talking about best Quadcopters under 200 dollars.

Range of Control

Depending upon one’s use and hobby, their choice can change. Normal drones have a range of around 100 meters, so they fly within your eye range.  All kind range drones are available. Lower range for indoors and higher range for commercial use. For people looking for aerial photography, they may have to shell out little more.


Not all drone come with camera, but when we are talking about best Drones, camera becomes imperative. It can range from few megapixels to HD. Having a good camera installed on the drone gives the fulfilment of the product. Live streaming FPV camera is another great feature in many drones.

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